Solved Answers on Spousal Sponsorship Application that You Must Know

Solved Answers on Spousal Sponsorship Application that You Must Know

If you’ve recently got married to a Canadian citizen then you must have already contacted a Sponsorship immigration lawyer in toronto. Now, even if you have a reputed lawyer by your side, at certain times you might still face issues regarding understanding the stringent application process.

This is why for your convenience this article will explain answers to question on spousal sponsorship Canada.

Sponsorship immigration lawyer in toronto

  1. What is the Meaning of the Previous and Current Undertaking in Spousal Sponsorship Canada?

You can ask this question to your respective Sponsorship immigration lawyer in toronto. However, in laymen terms, an undertaking means an agreement signed by the sponsor that binds him/her under certain obligations.

Under this, the sponsor is financially responsible for looking after the welfare of his/her spouse. Now, in case of a previous undertaking, the spouse will stand responsible for the partner he sponsored for in the past.

In the current undertaking, the spouse is solely responsible financially for his current married partner. Further, as part of the undertaking a person has to also provide healthcare support to his partner. This is because the current scenario won’t allow that unless the partner qualifies for permanent residentship.

  1. What is the Minimum Income Requirement to Qualify as a Sponsor?

As per the rules of spousal sponsorship, thankfully there is no constricted income requirement that dictates who can be a sponsor. However, if you have the low financial condition and are unable to offer proof that you can support your spouse financially then the Canadian Immigration authorities can nullify your application.

This is why it is best you consult your Sponsorship immigration lawyer toronto who can guide you on the right ways to frame the application. He/she can also shed insight into if your financial condition is equilibrium or not.

  1. Who Can Stand Eligible for a Sponsor?

To be an eligible sponsor for spousal sponsorship you must qualify under the given following:

  • You must be a Canadian permanent citizen or a natural born citizen. You can also be a registered Indian residing in Canada.
  • A would-be spouse must be residing in Canada while being 18 years of age.
  • He/she must show that they have enough funds to support the spouse as well as dependent children.

For more detailed insights and other probabilities discuss the points with your Sponsorship immigration lawyer in toronto.

Sponsorship immigration lawyer toronto

  1. Who Cannot Be Eligible to Apply for Spousal Sponsorship Canada?

One of the most common questions that lead to several confusions; the following cannot apply for spousal sponsorship Canada:

  • The person in question was sponsored by a spouse in the past 5 years.
  • The person is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • The candidate receives certain social assistance due to a disability or otherwise.
  • The candidate is charged under sexual assault or is in prison.
  • The candidate was convicted of offense where he had attacked a person physically.

Well, to know more it is best to discuss the options and limitations with your selected Sponsorship immigration lawyer in toronto. Just ensure that you clear out all doubts and frame a proper application that’ll assure you the form is faultless. For more information on immigration, read here!

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