DUI Lawyer in Toronto for Relentless Criminal Defence

DUI Lawyer in Toronto for Relentless Criminal Defence

Are you facing a DUI charge? When you are facing a DUI charge, you might feel that the whole world has come to a standstill. The person facing the DUI charge can go through a lot of stress. However, the only way to deal with this situation is to get in touch with a reputed DUI defence lawyer.

A DUI attorney having vast experience in this field can come up with a strong argument in order to defend their client. The attorney will do their best to ensure that their client gets freed if their charges are not proved. Even if a person is found to be guilty, they receive the least punishment.

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DUI Attorneys Can Be Of Great Help

In Toronto, there has been an increase in the rate of DUI conviction charges. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, DUI charges are becoming a great offense and any person is found to be drinking and driving is send for a trial. However, a good DUI defence lawyer having vast years of experience can easily defend their clients.

Charges They Can Help With

Whether you are facing a DUI charge like impaired driving or driving over 80; both of these charges can affect the reputation of the person. Whatever charge a person might face, getting in touch with an expert DUI attorney is important.

How Can The Attorney Help Clients?

Basically, a DUI lawyer can come up with a strong defense against the DUI charges. Some of the arguments which the attorneys can come up with are mentioned below:

There Was No Probable Cause for DUI Stop

Probable cause can be when a person violates a traffic law or getting involved in an accident. It needs to be documented in the report. If the attorney finds that the probable cause is not present in the report, they can ask for dropping the charges.

Signs of Impairment Was Caused By Other Thing

Usually, signs of impairment are not always because of alcohol. It can happen because of any medical conditions like allergies. Any good DUI defence lawyer can put up this point in order to provide a strong defense for a DUI charge.

No Waiting Time

DUI attorneys can mention that the investigating officer didn’t wait for 20 minutes before conducting the BAC testing. Hence, the tests results can be easily challenges.

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Breathalyzer Was Not Measured Prior To Testing

If the DUI defence lawyer investigates and reviews the device’s records, they can find out if the officer calibrated the device or not. Again, if it was not followed the test result can be challenged.

Failure in Sobriety Doesn’t Mean Intoxicated

Often, it has been seen that driving over 80 is a strong charge. For a trial, the observation of the investigating officer and the eye witnesses is taken into account. However, for providing proof some specific procedure needs to be maintained. If it is not maintained, the DUI attorney can easily come up with a strong argument.

Any good DUI defence lawyer will try to come up with various kinds of defense strategies for a case. One can easily learn about the best defense option only after consulting an attorney. Catch more news on criminal activities and law here!


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