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Battles of Custody Could be a Thing of the Past with Changes in Custody Laws

Battles of Custody Could be a Thing of the Past with Changes in Custody Laws

The justice minister has updated the Divorce Act with some changes that family lawyers in Oakville have been pushing for ages. The federal government has brought about new legislation which will help families to settle the disputes outside the court.  It mainly emphasizes on the well-being of children and also better enforces child support. The justice officials have to say that there haven’t been significant updates to the federal family laws in the last 20 years.

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What the Legislation Proposes?

The legislation focuses on child support language that implies replacing words like access and custody which is known to have fuel conflict in between the parents with parenting time and parenting orders.

The new measures which have been proposed will also address the issues that surround children or parents who are relocating after a divorce will allow the authorities to use the tax information for enforcing child support payments.

Once the bill has been passed, the courts will take family violence and various other factors into account when you decide parent arrangements.

Family lawyers in Oakville mentions that the proposed legislation is going to bring about changes in the Family Orders and Agreement Enforcement, Divorce Act, and Attachment and Pension Act. However, all these might be difficult to understand all by yourself. Thus, you might need the help of a family lawyer.

Tips to Hire a Family Lawyer

Avoid Lawyers who Claim to be Collaborative Negotiators and Fierce Litigators: Keep in mind that you cannot be both. There are some firms that offer sub-specialist like negotiators and parenting litigators, and experts in family law. This will enable you to choose family lawyers in Oakville to match to your style and needs.

family law in oakville

Choose a Firm or Lawyer that Specializes in Family Law: Practising in this jurisdiction means complement commitment to family law. Family is a hot political topic and thus, there is a continuous pressure from the different lobby groups to make changes to the regulations and legislation which is related to child support, superannuation, cohabitation agreement, tax, etc. the involvement of the third party and the frequent changes in the approach of the court in the new case law. Also, the family lawyers that you are hiring should have knowledge about the court process.

Check the Admission Date of the Lawyer: Usually, the lawyers that claim to have experience in this field actually have very little. This is the reason, you need to find out the admission date of the lawyer and ask how long they have been family lawyers in Oakville.

Avoid the Lawyers that Talk About Winning: Usually, when you win, you tend to attain the most optimal outcome in the circumstances. Generally, when the party feels that they have lost because of the legal process, it is going to lead to a large conflict for the children being co-parented for several years to come. This conflict and the risk that is associated with it is not a win.

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Talk to Your Lawyer Over the Phone before Making the Appointment: You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the talking style of the family lawyers in Oakville. Find out if you are able to understand what they are saying. You can do this if you talk to them over the phone. Read more tips on choosing the right divorce lawyer for representation!

How Does A Labour Lawyer Help After Getting Fired?

How Does A Labour Lawyer Help After Getting Fired?

Employment and labor law has become a necessity nowadays. With employees being laid off or fired from their job for wrong reasons, it becomes extremely important to take the services of the most popular employment lawyer in Toronto GTA. After all, losing one’s job can be a very shocking experience. Losing a job is not only emotionally draining but also a very stressful thing. Sometimes, when an employee is laid off or fired for internal reasons, employees are provided with a severance package. However, before signing any documents, consulting a labor lawyer is very importantly.

most popular employment lawyer in toronto gta

Labor Lawyers for Everyone

If an employee gets fired for wrongful reason, the chance of conflict or dispute between the employee and employer increases. At this point, labor lawyers can prove to be very helpful. Labor attorney’s, who forms a part of the employment law, tries to represent both employers and employees. However, it is seen that mostly labor attorneys represents employees or labor unions in order to fight cases against their employees. Their job doesn’t end here. They try to reach an amicable negotiation with employers.

Seeking the Services of a Lawyer

Dismissal from a job can happen on many grounds. While for an employee, it might be very difficult to correctly determine the cause of dismissal. However, most popular employment lawyer in toronto gta can go through the termination letter of their client in order to find out the facts. If they find there are no just grounds for dismissal of their client, they can file a lawsuit against the employer. They will ensure that their client is properly compensated for it.


At the same time, labor attorneys can help their clients understand the just cause of their dismissal. However, when an employee is fired for a cause, then the labor lawyers will try to ascertain if the rights of their clients were protected when they are fired.


How Can A Lawyer Help?

When a person is fired from their job, it leaves the person frustrated. Sometimes it is not always possible to file a lawsuit against the employer; especially when one fired for a cause. However, most popular employment lawyer in toronto gta can try to sort out certain things on behalf of their client. Sometimes the labor lawyer will try to explore the context for which their client was fired. They will check if the termination was legal and followed the employment standards. for instance, if employers use health as an issue for termination, it can be argued.

employment lawyer in toronto gta

Come up with Options

Labor attorneys can help clients to learn their rights and legal options available in front of them. The lawyer can help his/her client to get their unpaid wages from the state labor department. Or, provide option for departments from where one can file for employment benefits.

Another reason to consult most popular employment lawyer in toronto gta is for taking the case to court they will do that for their client. In case, clients don’t want to enter into any legal battle, they can try to settle the matter out of court.

From protecting the rights of the terminated employees and helping them to receive a fair compensation, most popular employment lawyer in toronto gta can be of great help. They can help clients to navigate through the case in a proper manner and get a fair judgment. Get more insights on Canadian employment law here!

DUI Lawyer in Toronto for Relentless Criminal Defence

DUI Lawyer in Toronto for Relentless Criminal Defence

Are you facing a DUI charge? When you are facing a DUI charge, you might feel that the whole world has come to a standstill. The person facing the DUI charge can go through a lot of stress. However, the only way to deal with this situation is to get in touch with a reputed DUI defence lawyer.

A DUI attorney having vast experience in this field can come up with a strong argument in order to defend their client. The attorney will do their best to ensure that their client gets freed if their charges are not proved. Even if a person is found to be guilty, they receive the least punishment.

DUI defence lawyer toronto

DUI Attorneys Can Be Of Great Help

In Toronto, there has been an increase in the rate of DUI conviction charges. Under the Criminal Code of Canada, DUI charges are becoming a great offense and any person is found to be drinking and driving is send for a trial. However, a good DUI defence lawyer having vast years of experience can easily defend their clients.

Charges They Can Help With

Whether you are facing a DUI charge like impaired driving or driving over 80; both of these charges can affect the reputation of the person. Whatever charge a person might face, getting in touch with an expert DUI attorney is important.

How Can The Attorney Help Clients?

Basically, a DUI lawyer can come up with a strong defense against the DUI charges. Some of the arguments which the attorneys can come up with are mentioned below:

There Was No Probable Cause for DUI Stop

Probable cause can be when a person violates a traffic law or getting involved in an accident. It needs to be documented in the report. If the attorney finds that the probable cause is not present in the report, they can ask for dropping the charges.

Signs of Impairment Was Caused By Other Thing

Usually, signs of impairment are not always because of alcohol. It can happen because of any medical conditions like allergies. Any good DUI defence lawyer can put up this point in order to provide a strong defense for a DUI charge.

No Waiting Time

DUI attorneys can mention that the investigating officer didn’t wait for 20 minutes before conducting the BAC testing. Hence, the tests results can be easily challenges.

dui defence lawyer

Breathalyzer Was Not Measured Prior To Testing

If the DUI defence lawyer investigates and reviews the device’s records, they can find out if the officer calibrated the device or not. Again, if it was not followed the test result can be challenged.

Failure in Sobriety Doesn’t Mean Intoxicated

Often, it has been seen that driving over 80 is a strong charge. For a trial, the observation of the investigating officer and the eye witnesses is taken into account. However, for providing proof some specific procedure needs to be maintained. If it is not maintained, the DUI attorney can easily come up with a strong argument.

Any good DUI defence lawyer will try to come up with various kinds of defense strategies for a case. One can easily learn about the best defense option only after consulting an attorney. Catch more news on criminal activities and law here!


Fast processing by consulting with an Immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship

Fast processing by consulting with an Immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship

Many people might not know, but it’s a fact that immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship can help spouses to safely immigrate to Canada. In fact, the immigration lawyers can act as the passport to the foreign country for many immigrants. One of the goals of the Canadian government and other country’s government is to ensure that immigrants get the chance to easily unite with their family members. However, many people find the immigration policies to be very complex one. In order to ensure that the immigrants can happily bring down their family members to Canada, they should choose right immigration program.

immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship

Numerous Immigration Program

The Canadian government offers numerous immigration programs for their immigrants, such as Family Class Immigration, Spousal Sponsorship, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and so on.

One main objective of Canada is reunification of family. For this objective, one can either choose Family Class Immigration Program. However, if one wants to sponsor their spouse, they can go for spousal sponsorship.


Spousal Sponsorship

When one is consulting immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship, one will get to know about spousal sponsorship program. Basically, the spousal sponsorship allows a sponsor who might be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can easily apply for sponsorship. As the sponsorship process is a bit complicated and can take a lot of time, taking the help of a sponsorship lawyer is important.

Taking the Help of Attorney

The sponsorship attorney can guide their clients with the application process. Most importantly, they will see to it that the application gets processed very fast. In order to get the application processed, one will need to submit necessary documents. Moreover, the attorney will ensure whether both the sponsor and the sponsored person meet the eligibility criteria.

Once both the parties meet the eligibility, the lawyer can advice their client to submit it to the visa office. Another thing which can be kept in mind is that one can only sponsor their spouse, common-law-partner, as well as conjugal partner. According to immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship while sponsoring a spouse or conjugal partner should be residing inside or outside Canada. At this point the sponsor needs to prove that they would return to Canada once the spousal Sponsorship is approved.

spousal sponsorship

Help one to Learn Latest Facts

Sponsorship attorneys can help clients to learn about the processing time of the application. Usually, spousal sponsorship program in order to get processed can take up to 12 months. Still, the time can go up or down depending on different situations.

However, Quebec residents who want to sponsor their spouse should go through Quebec Family Class Program.

When one is planning to sponsor a spouse, immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship mention that the couple should be able to provide a marriage certificate, in case the marriage took place within Canada. However, in case the couple got married outside Canada then the marriage should be regarded valid by that respective country as well as under the Canadian law.

Thus, an immigration lawyer can help their clients to navigate through the whole sponsorship immigration process. So only by consulting a immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship, one can ensure success of their immigration application.


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