Board of Directors

Board of Directors

What I do on the board: Chair, Social Media, Event Planning

Joined: February of 2011.

What attracted me to PACE: Being a sex worker and on the streets of Winnipeg in my late teens, (exited in 2000), I have first hand knowledge of the issues involved in sex work. I advocate of a larger harm reduction model and know that sex work is a valuable occupation. So much more can be done to make working conditions at least somewhat safe. PACE is a vital resource and support for sex workers. The dedication the organization has to making changes and advocating for the population it does, is what’s drawn me to it.

A bit about me: I’m studying Sound Engineering, am a support worker, artist/musician, transgender male and former sex worker. I’m involved in advocacy in the areas of sex work and health care services for transgender people. Aside from PACE, I’m also on the community allies committee at HUSTLE and on the Advisory Committee for Vancouver Coastal Health’s Transgender Health Program. Outside of work and volunteering, I can usually be found making music, taking pictures or hiking some of the insanely beautiful trails of North/West Vancouver and on the Gulf Islands.

Graham George

Position: Treasurer

Started: July 2010

Why I’m involved with PACE: Charity work has always been part of my life plan. I had the time to act on it once I received my CGA designation in 2008. I joined PACE because their values and goals were in line with my own thoughts on sex work. Also, I knew my skills would come in handy as a board member.

A bit about me: I moved to Vancouver in 2007 with my two cats. I enjoy attending concerts and theatre as well as staying active, whether it’s biking to various destinations or walking around the neighbourhood.

Sarah Leamon
Sarah Leamon

What I do at PACE: Secretary & Media.

When I started PACE: Late 2011

What attracted me to PACE: Identifying as a post-modern feminist, I am highly interested in many issues affecting women. I am particularly interested in the de-criminalization of sex work. I support initiatives that offer low-barrier programming, support and education to those individuals who are involved in survival sex work. Due to the fact that I reside on Vancouver’s downtown east side, I understand the importance of ensuring that the unique and diverse needs of this community are adequately addressed. I was attracted to PACE because it does these things. PACE offers essential, frontline services to support some of the most marginalized members of our community. In my opinion, the work that PACE does is absolutely indispensible.

A bit about myself:
Originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta, I spent a number of years residing on Australia’s Gold Coast before ultimately settling down in Vancouver. I enjoy academics and have an affinity for learning. In the course of my studies, I have accumulated a number of post-secondary degrees. These include two undergraduate degrees from the University of Calgary, one in Political Science and one in Women’s Studies with Honors, a Masters in Women’s Studies from UBC and a Juris Doctor from Bond University. I am currently working in downtown Vancouver as a criminal defense lawyer. In my spare time, I enjoy socializing, travelling, painting and volunteering as a teachers’ aid at a local Irish dance school. One day, I hope to complete a PhD and write a book.

Stephanie VandenBerg

Position: Board Member

When I started: September 2011

Why I’m involved with PACE: To me, PACE is honest, passionate people who believe in education and knowledge as a means to creating a stronger, safer community

A little bit about me: Recently graduated from University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and in my first year of residency training in Family Practice.

Ellen Wiebe

Position: Board member

When I started: When PACE started.

What I appreciate about PACE: The amazing, dedicated people willing to do such hard work to support sex workers.

A bit about me: Physician, researcher, interested primarily in women’s health care.

Scarlett Lake

I first attended a board meeting in October of 2011, with a view to becoming a member. I believe I was invited by Karen Mirsky. I became a board member 3 months later, and I do have ‘experiential’ status. I am a former sex worker of 30 years, and also a madame, with an escort service in Vancouver. I’m also a former exotic dancer. I am an activist, and have had some political involvements over the years. I’m a member of FIRST, which is feminists working to decriminalize the sex trade.

I was one of 3 sex workers profiled in a film shown on CBC entitled ‘A Safer Sex Trade’, in 2007. I’ve also been interviewed on several radio and television shows, as well as in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

I like working with PACE as it connects me with the ‘street’ and outdoor workers in my industry, and with the DTES. I am an indoor worker and always have been, but became very concerned about the aboriginal and other street workers around the time of the disappearances, and suspected serial killings, in that area.

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