Battles of Custody Could be a Thing of the Past with Changes in Custody Laws

Battles of Custody Could be a Thing of the Past with Changes in Custody Laws

The justice minister has updated the Divorce Act with some changes that family lawyers in Oakville have been pushing for ages. The federal government has brought about new legislation which will help families to settle the disputes outside the court.  It mainly emphasizes on the well-being of children and also better enforces child support. The justice officials have to say that there haven’t been significant updates to the federal family laws in the last 20 years.

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What the Legislation Proposes?

The legislation focuses on child support language that implies replacing words like access and custody which is known to have fuel conflict in between the parents with parenting time and parenting orders.

The new measures which have been proposed will also address the issues that surround children or parents who are relocating after a divorce will allow the authorities to use the tax information for enforcing child support payments.

Once the bill has been passed, the courts will take family violence and various other factors into account when you decide parent arrangements.

Family lawyers in Oakville mentions that the proposed legislation is going to bring about changes in the Family Orders and Agreement Enforcement, Divorce Act, and Attachment and Pension Act. However, all these might be difficult to understand all by yourself. Thus, you might need the help of a family lawyer.

Tips to Hire a Family Lawyer

Avoid Lawyers who Claim to be Collaborative Negotiators and Fierce Litigators: Keep in mind that you cannot be both. There are some firms that offer sub-specialist like negotiators and parenting litigators, and experts in family law. This will enable you to choose family lawyers in Oakville to match to your style and needs.

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Choose a Firm or Lawyer that Specializes in Family Law: Practising in this jurisdiction means complement commitment to family law. Family is a hot political topic and thus, there is a continuous pressure from the different lobby groups to make changes to the regulations and legislation which is related to child support, superannuation, cohabitation agreement, tax, etc. the involvement of the third party and the frequent changes in the approach of the court in the new case law. Also, the family lawyers that you are hiring should have knowledge about the court process.

Check the Admission Date of the Lawyer: Usually, the lawyers that claim to have experience in this field actually have very little. This is the reason, you need to find out the admission date of the lawyer and ask how long they have been family lawyers in Oakville.

Avoid the Lawyers that Talk About Winning: Usually, when you win, you tend to attain the most optimal outcome in the circumstances. Generally, when the party feels that they have lost because of the legal process, it is going to lead to a large conflict for the children being co-parented for several years to come. This conflict and the risk that is associated with it is not a win.

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Talk to Your Lawyer Over the Phone before Making the Appointment: You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the talking style of the family lawyers in Oakville. Find out if you are able to understand what they are saying. You can do this if you talk to them over the phone. Read more tips on choosing the right divorce lawyer for representation!

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