PACE Society is located in the downtown eastside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We offer low-barrier programming and support in order to serve Vancouver’s most marginalized populations; people who often fall through the cracks due to ineligibility for services that require a fixed address or sobriety can access our services. In this respect, PACE is on the frontline of support for those in Vancouver who need it most.

We are made up of dedicate, compassionate individuals who are committed to providing sex worker-led and driven programs and services to survival sex workers.

Our History:

PACE was started informally by Paige Latin in her one bedroom apartment in Vancouver, in the early 1990’s. It was founded by former sex workers and their allies to provide relevant services and supports to women, youth, men and transgender sex workers. Through the tireless efforts and resources of the founding members – Paige Latin, Cindy Lou Powell, Nora Halley, Sandy Lipscombe, Daniel Howley and Sheila Griffin – and with the support of their allies, PACE became incorporated on March 10th, 1994.

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